Falleció el Profesor Jacinto Convit un baluarte de la Investigación Científica de América

Jacinto Convit The Centro para el Desarrollo de la Investigación Cientifica (CEDIC) regrets to inform to the scientific community that today was buried Professor Jacinto Convit who passed away on Monday, May 12 at the age of 100.

Professor Convit a great medical researcher born in Caracas Venezuela in September 1913, stood out nationally and internationally as a leader in studies in the field of Dermatology and Public Health , developing models immunization against leprosy and leishmaniasis at the end of the eighties , which led him to be among the nominees for the Nobel Prize in Medicine .

Dr. Convit created in the decade of the seventies, the National Institute of Dermatology, current (Institute of Biomedicine , which to date was its director. Added to this , among his achievements the creation of the network of national dermatological outpatient programs and the establishment of monitoring and control of diseases such as leprosy , leishmaniasis, and onchocerciasis, paracoccidioidomycosis .

Author of over 200 scientific publications, , recognized nationally and internationally by his immunization models of endemic diseases in the country, and in recent years for development studies in cancer immunotherapy

Jacinto Convit received numerous national and international awards , some of which the Sovereign Order of Malta, Knight Grade " Religionis " (1969 ) , Armand Frappier Institute Medal Armand Frappier in Canada (1979 ) , Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research of Spain (1987 ) , "Health for all by the Year 2000 " WHO - PAHO (1988 ) , " Abraham Horwitz for American Health " Prize for the Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF ), Washington Medal (1989 ) , Guy Number ( chair No. XXXI) of the National Academy of Medicine, Venezuela (1990 ) , " Mexico Science and Technology " award from the Government of the United States of Mexico (1990) and the Legion of Honor of France ( 2011 ) .

Dr Convit always be remembered for his patients, his humility, constant service vocation for over 75 years and her dedication to the health of Latin American

may his soul rest in peace