Beyond the Vector

The initiative on Ecohealth Approaches to Communicable Diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean (CD LAC) funded a set of 7 research projects led by 9 multidisciplinary teams from different countries: Chagas in the Gran Chaco region (Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay); Chagas and Malaria in the Equatorial Amazon; Chagas in Guatemala; Malaria in Venezuelan Guayana; Malaria and rice cultivation in Peru; and Dengue in the city of Cali, Colombia. The initiative achieved innovative results and contributed to a better understanding of the transmission dynamics of malaria, dengue and Chagas disease in specific ecosystems, and to its application in intersectoral and participatory interventions. IDRC's Ecosystem and Human Health Program - Ecohealth - works with developing-country researchers to find solutions to human health problems rooted in ecosystem conditions